Let the adventure begin.

So the time has finally arrived. I am on my 134 day European adventure. I am 4 days in so I'll jump back a few days to the very start of it.

Let me just say, travelling alone for the time is absolutely terrifying. I thought I was okay until I was finalising my suitcase and documents. You see, the problem was/is, I usually travel with my sister. Or someone else a hell of a lot more organised than me. So my stress levels were through the roof and anxiety was getting the better of me. Before I knew it, I was standing in the bathroom with my mum bawling my eyes out and covered in a stress rash. After a few minutes (make that hours) I had calmed down and was on my way to the airport with my family in tow. After checking in and confirming that I actually had a seat on the plane, I was calm, the tears stopped (almost), and I was reading to take on the world. 

Boarding a plane and by-passing first class and business to make your way down to economy is always depressing. Especially when you know you have 20 hours ahead of you spent rubbing shoulders, literally, with the person next to you and invading each others personal space. My journey half way across the world was with Emirates. The service was flawless and the food was surprisingly nice for plane food. The movie selection was great, and the plane was clean and smelt nice. Despite the tiny seats and full plane I was lucky to be seated between the window and a lovely, clean and calm young adult. A lot of people I know request to not have the window seat however I on the other hand prefer not to be woken to move out of the way for people to get to the bathroom. Especially if that someone has increased urinary frequency or insists on walking up and down the plane every hour because their doctor said to.  

I was very happy with the entire journey. I won't lie, it felt like it took a week to get to reach my final destination, however, the stop overs, connecting flights and everything in between were on time. I had no trouble in between and I am hoping that all my future flights run as smoothly as this one did.

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