Two Weeks

In exactly two weeks today, I will be heading off to the airport  to depart on my 134 day trip around Europe. Surprisingly, I have been relatively calm about the whole thing (besides the mood swings and stress eating).

I am still running errands trying to get some last minute things such as toiletries, clothes and money organised! I am having some trouble deciding which travel card to use. I have a feeling I will probably end up with the Travelex Cash Passport, which is the card I normally use. 
Along with trying to organise money, I am still booking and searching for accommodation! My top sites have been AirBnb, Expedia and Last Minute

I cannot forgot to mention the most amazing website I have ever come across. It saved me so much time planning itineraries and organising flights and trains. If you haven't already stumbled across it, head to and prepare to be amazed!

If anyone has any advice or tips with travel cards or money exchange, feel free to post them in the comments section!