The Week's End

It has been a wet weekend in Melbourne. A quite welcomed change from the extreme heat in my opinion. My mood at work ( in the hospital) is actually quite fitting given the gloomy weather right now. I am feeling really exhausted and overwhelmed at the moment. I think part of this is because I know my trip is coming up and I want to invest all my time in to my photography and my blog and my trip planning. All of which will not allow me to make enough money to save for this trip at the moment. 
On a positive-ish note, I started back at Italian school last week. Yesterday (Saturday) was my second class back this term. Whilst I like the class, I preferred my teacher from 1st term. I suppose I am just going to have to adjust to the new face and teaching method. 
After Italian, my mum met me in Carlton with our family dog Ralph. We went for a long walk around carlton gardens before heading back to Lygon Street for a nice coffee and a bite to eat. We didn't dine at our usual restaurant, DOCs, as it was busy. We went across the road to The Food Store. Their sweets looked delicious but having just been for a walk, we opted for a salad to share with a fritatta. After ordering lunch, we realised why we always dine across the road at DOCS. Whilst our coffee was nice ( thank goodness), our lunch at The Food store was average. I have made a mental note to stick to my favourite lunch spot on a Saturday from now on!

During the week I did some more planing for my up coming Europe trip. I am finally getting somewhere with planning my trip when my parents come to visit. With the help from my mum and Airbnb, we have found accommodation for our stays in Rome, Alsace and Paris. All that is left is to decide whether we want to stay in Cinque Terre, Lucca or Florence (my vote is for Florence)

I spent a lot of my spare time this week in the Kitchen. It had been a while since I had been in their and thoroughly enjoyed cooking yummy breakfasts, lunches and dinners for myself (all vegetarian or fish based), as well as a healthy treat (which in all honesty wasn't very tasty). I tried to make sugar free carrot and nut muffins. They looked lovely however I did not put enough Natvia in them this time around.
Once, or if, I master the recipe, I may post it if they come out nice!
As a treat for Valentines day, and seeing as I had no "Valentine" to surprise me with anything, I bought myself some flowers to brighten up my room. Lisianthus are one of my favourite types of flowers and did the job perfectly. I used to hate the idea of valentines day, probably because I have always been single for it, however I hated it less this time around. 

Some blogs I have been reading this week include my favourite, Paris in Four Months, the Independent Traveller, Trottermag and A beautiful Mess, all of which relate to travel, food and photography and are definitely worth exploring!

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