The Week's End

Summer in Australia is always unpredictable. We live in the suburbs of Melbourne and would never have thought that we would have to consider having a "fire plan" during summer here. Turns out we should! Yesterday (Sunday) we had to evacuate our house when a fast moving grass fire broke out 1km away from us. We were watching the fire from my parents bedroom window when we received a text message from the CFA (Country Fire Authority) to evacuate immediately. We were hesitant at first because we were in denial that our home or lives would be in danger however after seeing the flames grow, we decided to run. We packed the essentials as fast as we could and left to seek shelter at the local shopping centre where people had come with their pets and most valuable possessions. We were lucky because the fire was soon contained and we were allowed to retreat back to our homes, however those short lived moments of terror will stay with me forever. I can't imagine how terrified the victims of the Black Saturday Bush fires would have been when they saw a wall of fire coming towards them. 

On a lighter note, and prior to sundays events, the week was good. We went to the beach on Saturday as we had another 40 degree day and it was just too hot to stay by the pool. It was very relaxing as usual and I am going to miss the family getaways once summer is over. 
I had the essentials packed for the beach. That being the 7th edition of The Collective, featuring my favourite fashion blogger, Gary Pepper, my new turkish beach towel by Knotty, and our Labradoodle, Ralph

This weekend I also planned some more of my vacation, booking accommodation in Rome and finalising a Parisian apartment in central Paris using AirBnb. This hosting service makes booking apartments overseas a complete breeze!