Chin Chin

Celebrating at Chin Chin. So very satisfying. 


I decided to do something a little more "low key" for my birthday this year. Besides the traditional cake and coffee with the family, I decided to head to the city for lunch with my closest friends. We dined at my favourite "South-East Asian" restaurant in Melbourne. Chin Chin.

Nestled in Flinders Lane, sits a cosy, vibrant, walk in restaurant that houses fun cocktails and the best calamari I have ever eaten. The staff a friendly and the food is incredible. It is not a "cheap eat" nor is it overpriced so you will find some comfort in knowing you won't walk out with empty pockets. And even if you did, you would have the most satisfied, full stomach.

My favourite picks from the menu ( please keep in mind I am a pesceterian) were: the tofu wraps, the yellow curry, the calamari and salmon wrapped in banana leaf ( SO YUM). Coming from the mouths of the carnivores I dined with, their top picks were the chicken wings and the massaman curry. 

I can guarantee that this restaurant will not disappoint. Just keep in mind that you can't make reservations so get in early, otherwise there is the GOGO Cocktail bar downstairs where you can sit and have some drinks or small items from the menu whilst you wait for your table to become available.