As the end of 2012 approached, My sister and I decided to escape the hype of New Years Eve in Melbourne and head somewhere a little more relaxing. We booked a flight and packed our bags. Our destination? The ocean. We were in search of the bluest water we could set our eyes on.


We arrived at our first stop, The Mantra Hotel in Perth CBD. It was the only accommodation we booked prior to leaving home, the rest, we stumbled across along the way. After checking in we picked up our hire car, a Toyota Corolla (in our minds we picture the road trip in a convertible Jeep but apparently no one hires them out anymore.)
We spent our first day exploring the city of Perth on foot, which was a bizarre experience because it felt as though the people of Perth had abandoned the city. I have never been in the centre of a city and seen so little people. I'm not sure if it was just the time of year but it was empty. This suited my sister and I just fine because we were, after all, looking for a relaxing and quiet holiday.

We drove through the outback for about 3 hours to find the Pinnacles, a desert situated some 250km from the city of Perth. Along the way we stumbled across a service station in the middle of absolutely nowhere, selling locally grown onions and ice-cream. We fuelled up and cooled down then hit the road again, passing a local, wild Emu family as we drove off.

The Pinnacles was worth the long drive in the heat. You can hire a car or book a tour to take a drive and get right up close to these naturally formed rocks, scattered over kilometers of sand dunes. 

We spent 2 weeks making our way North up the coast and then headed back down again to Bunker Bay. Our hearts were set on making it to Shark bay (despite its name this place is home to some of the most stunning beaches in Australia) however didn't quite make it that far up the coast.

It wasn't until we reached the beach that we realised every city dweller we thought had abandoned Perth, had actually escaped to the ocean. And for good reason. What we saw was nothing short of breath taking. The beaches along the west coast are simply beautiful. Admittedly we were a little taken aback by the coast of living. Everything was dear. The accommodation was dear, the food was dear and the drinks were dear. In saying this though, the views were priceless and definitely worth it. The coast line of Western Australia is absolutely stunning. 

Below are some photos of my favourite beaches we stumbled across during our random little road trip.  

Rottnest Island

 There are 3 modes of transport on this Island. Walking, a local shuttle bus, or bike riding. The latter of the three being the most popular and enjoyable. 
We hired bikes and snorkels for the day and made our way around this gorgeous little island. It was amazing stumbling across beaches and meeting people from all over the world. Sometimes, if you're lucky enough, you can have an entire beach all to yourself. It was the best part of out trip and I recommend anyone heading to Perth, to make the trip to Rottnest Island.

Bunker Bay