So much has been happening in my house this week. Since the video of my sister, Stephanie Totino, singing at the Beyoncé concert went viral, life has been hectic. In a beautiful way. The support Australia has shown her has been overwhelming. And it's not just Australia! Based on the youtube demographics it seems that Brazil has taken a liking to her also!
She had an interview on MAGIC 1278 this week, where she sang the national anthem and spoke about her involvement with her school, Whitefriars College and their fundraising project for East Timor. The radio station is currently trying to get her to sing at the next big live event in Melbourne! It was a great interview and you can show your support and catch the end of it here

Below are some more links of Steph that you may find enjoyable. My favourite is her cover of Coldplays, Fix You.

Steph on Sunrise

Fix you - Stephanie Totino

Whitefriars for Timor Leste