Hello Monday

The beginning of a new week. I woke up this morning exhausted after a busy weekend however motivated to get things done. I managed to conquer an early morning walk with my beautiful canine Ralph, made a healthy breakfast and actually sat down and ate it instead of standing and inhaling it as I usually do, put a load of washing on, cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed downstairs, all before 11:00am. How domestic of me.
I am now sitting amongst a heap of papers, empty boxes from deliveries, camera gear that I am yet to sort out from last week and a pile of new magazines, busting to be read.  When I went to bed last night I had no intentions of waking up to clean anything however my office is a mess and I have now produced a list of things to clean that is going to take me until tonight to complete. 
Time to make my daily coffee and get in to it! In the meantime, meet Ralph, the family Labradoodle and the most precious canine on the planet. 

ralph (1 of 2).jpg
ralph (2 of 2).jpg