The day I walked to Italy.

August 29

It's 4 pm. I know this not because I looked at my phone, or my watch. But because the church bells are ringing four times and everyone is having their afternoon nap.

Life is beautiful right now. I'm sitting on the bank of lake Lugano with my aperol spritz, mountains in the foreground, the lake beneath my feet. The silence is broken by the occasional small passenger plane or jet boat passing by. I can smell nothing. I don't recall a time I have noticed I can smell nothing. 

I'm just reminiscing on our morning spent walking from Ninas lake house in Switzerland to the town of Ponte Tresa in Italy. The reason for our journey this morning was purely to buy fresh local Italian produce for a market lunch this afternoon. The one hour walk from ninas house was picturesque. We started off buy picking fresh figs from the tree in her garden before proceeding to walk through the quiet streets and past the beautiful lake front properties belonging to the likes of Walt disneys widow and the Adidas mans young girlfriend.

As we approached the boarder it was obvious we were leaving Switzerland. The traffic became chaotic and everything started to look messy. Messy but beautiful. 
Crossing the border was way to easy. There was no passport control for people on foot, we just walked through some iron gates and vola! Bongiorno Italia! 

The market was busy with people selling market things. Clothes, shoes, honey, cheese, cured meats, homemade Italian biscuits and local fresh fruit and veg. 

It was a foodies heaven. I could have bought kilos of tomatoes and cheese.

We left with some of the above. Buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, prosciutto, fruit and bread, then caught the train back to Lugano. 

We then went for a quick dip in the lake, caught a turtle, released said turtle, then came home and showered before preparing out mouth watering market lunch.

This brings me to right now, sitting on the bank of Lake Lugano, where a duck just approached me, quacked, and has now left to find another local to quack at after realising I have nothing but aperol spritz to give him.

The wind is gentle and warm and a speed boat has just passed by creating waves in the lake. No one is around.

Like I said, life is beautiful. 

Night Noodle Market, Melbourne

My favourite time of the year in Melbourne has come to an end, Good Food Month. The banks of the Yarra River at Birrarung Marr were flooded with people indulging in the smells, sounds, sights and flavours from all over Asia. Putting the unpredictable weather aside, November in Melbourne never fails to dissapoint in the food department. The Night Noodle Market showcases over 50 of Melbourne best restaurants in the one place. Stalls selling dumplings, pad thai, fried calamari, nasi goreng, roti bread, spring rolls, tofu buns (pulled pork buns for the meat eaters), rice, noodles or every kind, all in the one place... where else would you rather be!